Next level Strategy Consulting

Fast Results

Sustainable Impact

More Value for Money

About us

KochVetter was founded by Sander Koch and Tobias Vetter, two experienced Partners who recognized the need for a new approach to partner managed Strategy Consulting.

As a next level Strategy Consultancy, we employ a dynamic approach to overcome the limitations of traditional consulting firms. We hand-pick seasoned experts who have experience in managing similar situations. They hit the ground running and deliver better results faster.

Our expert consultants will deliver more relevant outcomes and ensure lasting skill transfer, facilitated by our integrated team framework.

We create value through expertise, unconstrained by rigid hierarchy pyramids. You always get the best team, paying only the resources you need.

Strategy Consulting reinvented

Our curated network of senior independent consultants removes staffing and hierarchy limitations of traditional consulting

More than just experts

Active management by our partners ensures the team cohesion & reliability you need to guarantee fast results and sustainable impact

Get it done with KochVetter!

A curated consulting network
to build the best team

  • Instead of maintaining a large, static consulting base, we leverage the vast pool of independent consultants in the market

  • This growing pool is already 4x the size of the active consultant base at established strategy firms, and more experienced

  • For the KochVetter network, we continually select the most suitable senior advisors and consultants

  • We leverage our extensive know-how to build the best teams in an agile way

  • We effectively manage projects, take ownership, ensure better, faster results

  • We create sustainable impact through more relevant outcomes and skill transfer

  • We provide the consistency and reliability of the KochVetter way of working, across all our projects

  • We don’t have to train and keep employed consultants busy

  • As we work with real experts with deep industry experience we don’t need to maintain a large internal research team to provide the best value

  • For non-core activities we rely on outsourcing to remain lean and flexible

We rely on our network of experienced independent advisors and consultants…

… led by our in-house partners to build the best agile teams and ensure fast results …

… while staying lean in set-up, with limited overhead.

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